The Inner South-East Property Boom

Brisbane’s inner south east is currently experiencing a property boom, drawing significant attention from both investors and homebuyers. This surge in interest and investment is driven by a blend of lifestyle appeal, strategic development, and economic factors that make this area increasingly desirable. Why the Inner South East? The inner south east of Brisbane, encompassingRead more

Understanding Builder’s Warranty in Australia for Newly Built Homes

When you purchase a newly constructed home in Australia, you’re not just investing in a property, but also in the peace of mind that comes with builder’s warranties. A builder’s warranty, also known as a structural or home warranty, is a crucial aspect of your investment. It serves to protect homeowners against defects in theRead more

What to look for at an Open Home

Exploring an open house or property inspection, also known as an open home or open inspection, is a crucial step in evaluating a potential new home. This event provides a firsthand opportunity to assess if the property aligns with its advertised attributes and photographs. During your visit, there’s a lot to observe and inquire aboutRead more

Why Quality Marketing is Worth It

As we step into a bustling selling season, many homeowners are gearing up to put their properties on the market. A critical decision during this preparation is determining the extent and budget for marketing your home. Marketing is not just an expense; it’s an investment that can significantly affect your sale’s profit margin. The goalRead more

Discover the Advantages of Selling Your Property in Autumn

Many people think of spring as the prime time for real estate sales, thanks to its blooming gardens and pleasant weather. However, autumn can be an equally opportune time for sellers. This season offers unique advantages that could make it the perfect choice for listing your property. Peak Buyer Activity in Autumn After the laid-backRead more

Selling this year? Start preparing now

If you’re thinking about selling your property this year, now is the time to begin preparations. With April reminding us of the quick passage of time, getting an early start on your selling strategy is vital. Initiating the Sale of Your Home A successful home sale requires thorough planning and several key steps. We willRead more

Navigating the Transition: A Guide to Downsizing

Downsizing your home is a significant step that many take when moving towards retirement, after becoming empty nesters, or simply in search of a lifestyle change. It’s a process that offers the chance to lessen daily responsibilities and adapt your living environment to better suit your current life stage. Downsizing, though a potentially overwhelming task,Read more

Smart Home Upgrades: Elevating Your Home’s Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re contemplating putting your house on the market, remember that presentation can significantly impact the sale price. Fortunately, there are numerous affordable ways to elevate your home’s appeal. One cost-effective update is painting and repairing fences. Opting for a neutral or dark color can make your garden space appear larger and more inviting. ThisRead more

Maximizing Property Value: The Power of Strategic Staging in Today’s Real Estate Market

A successful marketing campaign hinges on two key elements: reach, which encompasses the extent of product dissemination, and frequency, referring to the regularity with which a customer is reminded of the product. When these aspects are skillfully combined with effective presentation, the result is a comprehensive strategy that not only attracts the maximum number ofRead more

Real Estate Outlook: Navigating the 2024 Property Landscape

As we step into 2024, I extend warm new year greetings to all and share some expert perspectives on the upcoming trends in the real estate market. Entering this year, it appears that we are concluding the cycle of increasing interest rates. Observing a significant drop in inflation from its peak of 8.4% in DecemberRead more

Key Factors in Choosing the Right Investment Property

The realm of investment properties offers a myriad of opportunities, each with its unique potential. But how do you determine the right property to invest in, and is there a formula for the ideal investment property? The journey to selecting an investment property is a calculated one, demanding thorough research and dedication. The reward forRead more

The Impact of a “Subject to Sale” Condition

In the dynamic world of Queensland real estate, the phrase “subject to sale” has gained considerable traction. This term refers to a conditional clause in an offer to purchase a property, stipulating that the prospective buyer’s ability to complete the purchase is dependent on them selling their existing property. While it might appear advantageous toRead more

Navigating Multi-Offer Situations in Queensland

In Queensland’s thriving property market, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a multi-offer situation when purchasing a property. This occurs when multiple potential buyers submit offers on a property at the same time, making the process more competitive. In such situations, it’s crucial to know the rules and how to make your offer standRead more

5 Ways Staging a Property Adds Value in the Australian Real Estate Market

Selling a property in Australia can be a daunting task, especially in a competitive market where potential buyers have access to a range of options. One way to stand out from the crowd is by staging your property. Staging a property involves presenting it in a way that appeals to potential buyers, highlighting its bestRead more

The Building and Pest Report: Protecting Your Investment

When investing in a property, it is crucial to ensure that the building is structurally sound and free from any unwanted pests. This is where a building and pest report comes in handy. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what a building and pest report is, the benefits of having one done, how they protectRead more

Case Study: 9 Truscott Street, Moorooka

Discover the journey of 9 Truscott Street, a property that exemplified the power of strategic marketing and a highly desirable location. This neat and tidy brick home, located in a quiet neighborhood of Moorooka, was perched on an elevated 607sqm Res-A block, offering comfort and space with abundant light and plenty of opportunity to addRead more

The Role of Solicitors and Conveyancers in Queensland Property Transactions

Buying or selling a home is a significant financial decision that often involves a complex legal process. In Queensland, engaging the services of a solicitor or conveyancer can ensure that your property transaction proceeds smoothly and securely. This blog post will explore the vital roles that these professionals play in the home buying and sellingRead more

Unlocking the Potential of Your Investment Property: The Benefits of Using a Property Manager

As a property investor, you’ve taken a significant step toward financial growth and long-term wealth. Managing your investment property effectively, however, can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With a professional property manager on your side, you can unlock the full potential of your investment while enjoying a hassle-free experience. Here are the top benefitsRead more

Maximising Your Investment Property: Value-Adding Upgrades and the Tax Benefits

As a property investor, you’re always looking for ways to increase the value of your rental property and maximise your returns. One of the most effective methods is to make strategic upgrades that not only attract potential tenants but also provide tax benefits. In this article, we will explore the advantages of certain property improvementsRead more

Case Study: 28 Bent St, Cannon Hill

The sale of 28 Bent St, Cannon Hill stands as a remarkable achievement, setting a new price benchmark for the street within a mere nine days. Through thorough property preparation, including a full internal paint, new flooring, and professional styling, we ensured the property was showcased in its best possible light. This attention to detailRead more

What are the different methods of sale when it comes to selling your home?

When it comes to buying or selling property in Queensland, there are several methods of sale that you should be aware of. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing or selling real estate. One of the most common methodsRead more

Navigating Off-the-Plan Property Purchases

Buying an apartment or townhouse off the plan in Queensland, Australia can be an attractive investment opportunity, offering potential tax benefits and the chance to secure a property at a lower price than the market value. However, it is crucial for buyers to be aware of their rights, key contract conditions, and possible hidden expensesRead more

Interstate buyers vying for Brisbane real estate

Brisbane’s real estate market has seen a surge in demand from interstate buyers, particularly from cashed up southern states. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many to reassess their lifestyle and living arrangements, with many opting to move to more affordable and spacious cities. This trend has created a unique opportunity for sellers in Brisbane toRead more

Why online adverting is a worthwhile investment

Investing in online advertising when selling a property is one of the most effective ways to reach a large and diverse audience. In particular, websites like and Domain offer unparalleled reach and exposure, making them a valuable tool for sellers looking to attract potential buyers from all over the world. is Australia’s mostRead more

The Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker When Purchasing a Home

When it comes to purchasing a home in Australia, navigating the complexities of the mortgage market can be daunting. However, enlisting the services of a knowledgeable mortgage broker can significantly simplify the process and offer numerous benefits to prospective homebuyers. Expertise and Access to a Wide Range of Lenders One of the primary benefits ofRead more

Holland Park Suburb Profile

Holland Park is a suburb located approximately 6km south-east of the Brisbane CBD, in the state of Queensland, Australia. It is a well-established and sought-after suburb with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Holland Park is known for its leafy streets, high-quality schools, and convenient location. Real estate in Holland Park is highlyRead more

What do home owners in Queensland need to disclose when selling?

When selling a home, it’s crucial to disclose all relevant information to potential buyers, failure to do so can result in legal consequences, such as being sued for damages. Here are some things that sellers and real estate agents need to disclose to buyers when selling a home. Firstly, property easements must be disclosed. AnRead more

Bidding with confidence at an auction

Bidding at an auction can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first time. However, with a little preparation and knowledge, you can bid with certainty and increase your chances of success. In Queensland, auction contracts are unconditional, which means that if you are the highest bidder and the hammer falls, youRead more

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Holland Park West Market Update

HOLLAND PARK WEST SALES Q2 2022 Address Bed Bath Car Sale Price 24 Boronia Ave 5 2 3 $1,540,000 31A Kneale St 4 3 2 $2,005,000 8 Nursery Rd 3 2 1 $841,000 23 Embie St 4 2 2 $1,460,000 46 Galsworthy St 3 1 2 $800,000 13 Boronia Ave 3 1 2 $1,550,000 25Read more

Winter Newsletter 2022

What a busy quarter in Real Estate it has been! With everything that’s been going on in both local markets and interstate, it goes without saying that the RBA’s decision to increase the cash rate by 75 basis points over the past two months has certainly demanded centre stage and has everyone talking about interestRead more

What to expect at your first auction

Your very first auction can be quite a confronting and confusing moment if you’re not entirely sure what you’re in for. There are a few things to note and look out for, but most importantly you want to take in what’s happening at this auction, so you can be more prepared for the next one.

Showstopping home-staging tips

Home staging is the preparation of a private residence for sale. The objective is to present the property in as appealing a manner as time and budget allow. Ensuring the home is attractive to the highest number of potential buyers also enables the promptest and most effective sales results.

How to create a portable vertical garden

Vertical walls of decorative vegetation have been popular in Europe and other countries with high-density cities, where ground cover is at a premium for years.

The upsides of downsizing

The thought of exchanging the maintenance of a larger home for a hassle-free future full of travel, friends and newfound freedom is a common aspirant for downsizers on the move. Given the ideal replacement residence, more than half of Australians and New Zealanders aged over 55 are open to downsizing opportunities, according to Australian Housing

Choosing the right property manager

It is vital that you do your research before hiring one to ensure your investment is in safe hands. Here are some things to consider when choosing a property manager, or switching to another.

Dos and Don’ts of selling your home

When it comes to selling your home, there are a number of things you can do to help it appeal more to the buyer’s market. However, there are also things you can do that can work against you. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you in the process of selling your home.